Merging Audio Device.

About the Merging Audio Device (MAD)

The MAD is not only a replacement to the previous Merging RAVENNA ASIO Driver, but it provides our users with an enhanced set of features.
The first of the major enhancements is a multi-ASIO capability that allows different applications to run simultaneously sharing ASIO inputs and outputs.
Additionally, internal bridging allows channels to be defined to send audio between applications concurrently using MAD.
ASIO is the most popular driver option for the recording industry but there are other markets where the official Microsoft WDM (Windows Driver Model) is essential and this is now incorporated into MAD.
The combination of ASIO and WDM gives enormous flexibility by allowing WDM channels to be sent or mixed to the same outputs as ASIO or redirected to the bridge channels. This permits these channels to be routed or recorded by the ASIO applications. The implications are huge because this enables the user to listen to his favorite DAW whilst comparing its track with playback from applications like Spotify or YouTube.
MAD 2.0 provides a one-click way to connect your Merging device to your favorite DAW, the Unite feature.
MAD 2.0 also allows the MassCore engine users to benefit from all its unique features.
MAD 2.2 let you use your WDM audio device as an ASIO driver.


The Merging Audio Device is intended for owners of Horus, Hapi, MERGING+ANUBIS or NADAC interfaces hardware running on Windows 10 and Windows 11 (since MAD2.2), 64-bit who wish to work with ASIO or WDM.
MAD is not compatible with Windows 7 / 8.
MAD is compatible with Pyramix v12 (and above) / Ovation v8 (and above) 

Optional with the "Infrastructure Pack"

  • ST2022-7 Support
  • NMOS Support
  • Virtual Machine Support

    The Infrastructure pack requires a Security installation which is compatible with Pyramix 25th, Ovation 9, VCube 9 version and greater. If you already have those version installed simply enter your keys into the MT Security Settings.
    The security also comes as a separate installer for those not running any other Merging software. It must then be installed alongside of MAD or ASIO Driver in order to enter the Infrastructure Pack keys and run those features.
    The Infrastructure Pack is not supported on Merging's software version prior to Pyramix 25th, Ovation 9 and VCube 9.

   Merging Audio Device Panel

  Merging Audio Device applicative diagram example