MAD 2.0 Release Notes.

MAD 2.2.2

Release Date: 20 October 2022


New. Merging License Manager: Sonarworks SoundID Reference Multichannel, Merging De-esser, Eventide Blackhole activation keys.
New. Support odd ports for RTP input (RAV-1641 )
New RavennaASIODriver version (V 7.12.00)
New. Updated UI

Fixed in MAD 2.2.2

RAV-1674: Fixed. MAD - MassCore Mode not working after computer restart
RAV-1673: Fixed. MAD tray icon remains red until you open the MAD panel even if properly configured.
RAV-1670: Fixed. MAD - VAD Can't unite Horus / Hapi Headphones only
RAV-1643: Fixed. SDP DUP bug when Interface name has a space (ST2022-7)
RAV-1645: Fixed. Merging License Manager may crash after releasing license
RAV-1646: Fixed MAD uninstaller removes all Windows firewall rules
RAV-1631 Fixed. Crash with MERGING+NADAC when changing tabs
Fixed. Network adapters additional verification at startup.

Requires Firmware 3.10 (or above).  Devices running on previous firmware won't be discovered by MAD and VAD.

MAD 2.2.0

Release Date: 3 June 2022


  • New. Windows 11 Support. MAD is now compatible with Windows 11.
  • NewWASAPI Mode.  MAD can now use WDM Devices inputs and outputs.  E.G. you can run your ASIO DAW on the Merging Audio Device driver and listen on your laptop headphone.
    The capabilities (number of channels, sampling rate,...) will depend on the WDM device capabilities.
  • New. Repacked Installer.
  • New. Unite for Post-FX Support. New. Possibility to Unite the Anubis Post-FX Physical Inputs and/or Peered Post-FX inputs in order to record those when running the Music Mission.
    This includes the EQ, Dynamics and upcoming Deesser plugin option. Users can record the Physical Input Direct signal and/or the Post-FX signal (post-effect), independently or simultaneously.
    Note: Reverb, the Parallel Dynamics and Sends are not in the Strip signal Effect path. In order to record those, it is recommended to record the Bus returns.

Fixed in MAD 2.2.0

  • RAV-1609 : MAD Panel is not showing all RAVENNA devices (non Merging devices not displayed).
  • Discovery maintenance : only the devices connected to the selected network adapter(s) are now displayed on MAD Discovery zone.

MAD 2.1.0

Release Date: 24 February 2022 


  • New - WDM Main is now set as Speakers in Windows
    Some application can now automatically route multichannel audio on the correct channels.
    WDM AUX remains Line outputs.
    The "Multiple stereo devices" is now applicable to WDM AUX (line), but not on Main (Speakers)
  • New - Sample type setting, allowing to set the audio engine resolution to 24bit (default) or 32bit 
    DSD sampling rates do not allow 32bit sample type, MAD will automatically switch to 24 when running such sampling rate.
    This setting does not affect the AES67/RAVENNA physical inputs and outputs, the devices remain 24bit.
  • Improvement : ST2022-7 stability
  • Improvement : ST2022-7 enhanced UI error reporting.

Fixed in MAD 2.1.0

  • Preamp controls not following in inverted bridge channels mode.
  • Switching from Unite to RAV - number of channels resets to 0
  • MAD WDM AUX silent if routed on Bridge channels
  • MAD Number of channels not correct after a reboot, if above 48k
  • MAD or VAD : restarting your system might cause a lost of the UNITE connections.
  • Unite fails on Hapi/Horus, preventing connections
  • MAD - MassCore mode :  increasing number of channels not properly working without a computer restart.

MAD 2.0.4

Release Date: 12 October 2021


  • Installer - warning message when trying to install over an existing version, to prevent driver version issues.
    Please always uninstall MAD before installing a new version

Fixed in MAD 2.0.4

  • WDM channels mapping lost at computer restart if set above 8

MAD 2.0.3

Release Date: 28 September 2021


  • New - WDM multiple stereo devices feature (advanced settings)
  • New - WDM now supports up to 16 channels
  • New - Installer includes the 2019 redistributable support
  • When MDNS support is disabled, the discovery zone is disabled and shows "no MDNS Support"
  • Panel: Added scrollbars to main window to support low display resolutions

Fixed in MAD 2.0.3

  • Dolby Atmos renderer - registry dependencies removed.
  • RAV-1452: Stream connection issues between Devices and Driver (MAD or VAD)

MAD 2.0.2

Release Date: 5 July 2021


  • Remote Control, reliability and responsiveness

Fixed in MAD 2.0.2

  • MAD discovery not seeing Hapi and Horus in Maintenance Mode
  • MAD UNITE Stability
  • MAD/VAD United devices may fail to reconnect after a computer reboot.
  • MAD potential crash without Ethernet interface
  • MAD/VAD stream numbering too long can cause disconnection
  • MAD/VAD Anubis not following the sampling rates changes despite in Auto Samping Rate Mode.

MAD 2.0.1

Release Date: 09 June 2021


  • Number of channels : The number of channels declared by the ASIO driver is now the same for all sampling rates (up to the limit of 128 channels @1Fs, 64 @2FS, 32 @4Fs, 16@8Fs/DSD).
    This results in faster sampling rate changes and improves Roon, Jriver, plyers playback experience.
  • Unite general improvements

Fixed in MAD 2.0.1

  • RAV-1395 MADASio, MADConsole, MADSrv File versions
  • RAV-1396 Ghost streams remaining in advanced pages
  • RAV-1397 MDNSSupport SAPSupport Disabled - Failed to initalize ASIO driver
  • ANUBIS-1033: Renamed Devices rename not appearing in VAD/MAD.Device 
  • Several stability fixes.
  • Discovery issues with long devices names.
  • WDM bridge not initialized if disabled when starting the computer.

MAD 2.0 Build 7673

Release Date: 20.05.2021

  • Deployment version to end users.