Network Switches for RAVENNA - AES67

Note : 

Recommended Switches

ArtelQuarra PTP range (StagedBox)8+2SFPPTP aware switchConfiguration Guide
Aruba2930M44+4SFPNot fully tested by Merging, but reported to work on RAVENNA
CiscoSG-300-10 / 208+2 /16 +4 (sfp or copper)
Configuration Guide
CiscoSG-350-108+2 (sfp or copper)
Configuration Guide
CiscoSG-350-10P8+2 (sfp or copper)PoE+ up to 60W (Max 3 Anubis POE per switch)Configuration Guide
CiscoCBS350-8P-2G / 8P-E-2G / 8T-E-2G8+2 (sfp or copper)PoE+ up to 67W (Max 3 Anubis POE per switch)Configuration Guide
DellPowerConnect 2808/28168 / 16 portsLegacy - discontinuedConfiguration Guide
NetgearNetgear M4250

8 to 48 with 1/2.5/5/10G

Easy VLAN config, pre existing profiles

Select the AES67Audio profile

Netgear AV User Manual

Not recommended switches

DellX1000 seriePoE
DellX1008PPoE (<15.4W)PoE not sufficient for Anubis
ZyxelGS1200-8HPPoEIGMP does not work
UbiquitiUniFi US-8-60WPoENo QoS. Need external software controller, not supported by Merging's support
TP LinkTL-SG108PEPoEPoE may not be sufficient for Anubis. QoS hardcoded.
NetgearGS305/308 E P

PTP issues

Additional recommendations on custom configurations

If you plan to use a non validated switch, or use a custom configuration, please see the following recommendations :

  • Immediate Leave should be disabled (can cause sink issues if the computer OS does not react fast enough)